State-of-the-art technological equipment

Cutting-edge technology

We constantly stay updated and modernize our equipment to follow all the latest technology trends. Depending on the requirements of each case, we implement telecommunications security checks and communication protection measures using specialized equipment.

Collaboration with Scientific Laboratories

If the case requires it, through our scientific collaborators, we have the ability to detect substances, identify DNA, and fingerprinting, etc., to ensure impeccable evidence that can be presented in court.

Many clients visit our office who believe that their privacy in their home, business, or on their phone has been violated. The majority of cases are verified.


Clients often visit our office believing that their homes or phones are not secure, and their privacy is at risk. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of cases are confirmed, as technological advancements have created devices that can be used for suspicious purposes, and due to their extremely small size, they are difficult for non-experts to detect. Additionally, the rapid proliferation of smartphones has greatly facilitated the “leakage of information,” as the installation of a simple application is all it takes to make your mobile vulnerable to third parties.

Especially in the case of your mobile phone, there are some signs that, if confirmed, indicate improper operation. Copies of your emails that are stored and forwarded without your action, interruptions during your calls, receiving and sending SMS notifications without your action, are just some of them.

There are many reasons why someone might be interested in your life. You may have significant assets, be a public figure whose life is of great interest to many, or have a significant dispute with someone from whom you have significant claims.

If you believe that your privacy is being violated, try to remain calm and maintain your usual routine. Contact us from a neutral location and device, and do not share your suspicions with anyone.

We are available 24/7 and conduct comprehensive scans in a way that does not make us perceptible to the perpetrators. We use the most advanced equipment and possess a high level of expertise. Our many years of experience in similar cases guarantee reliable results. Once we have completed the scanning work, we will present our findings to you, as well as the evidence that will allow you to substantiate your case and possibly bring the perpetrators to justice.


Measures to protect communications involve actions for prevention, detection, and mitigation of any form of unauthorized surveillance. Their purpose is to protect your privacy and that of your business, or if it’s already too late, to identify the means used and neutralize them.

At our office, we offer specialized communication protection and monitoring techniques that meet official TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) standards. Our clients include Public Organizations and businesses across Greece.

We exclusively use advanced technology equipment and are able to detect all types of technical surveillance, such as:

  • Interventions through radio frequencies Interventions through GSM
  • Hidden camera installations
  • Hidden microphone installations
  • Phone line interventions
  • Mobile phone spyware
  • Infrared bugging devices

Additionally, we can examine your company’s facilities and identify any security vulnerabilities, as well as analyze your corporate policies and procedures to uncover any weaknesses.

A comprehensive sweep takes at least 2 hours, during which we will:

  • Present the findings of our investigation
  • Highlight vulnerabilities in your physical premises and corporate policies and procedures
  • Recommend ways and techniques to enhance your business’s security level

If you believe that your business’s privacy is at risk, contact us from a secure device and location and request a sweep of your premises. We are available 24/7 and operate with discretion and professionalism to avoid disrupting your work environment and to remain unnoticed by individuals within your company who may have placed “suspicious” devices.

Prevention is always the best approach to addressing the issue, so ask us to conduct a study of your premises and processes to identify exposed points that could be targeted by someone seeking to breach your privacy.